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Treacly Dreams

I sleep when I breathe & I breathe when I sleep

The Dormouse
4 July
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The Dormouse

Name: The Dormouse
Birth date: Birthday?!? She celebrates unbirthdays, of course.
Age: Old enough to know better but young enough not to have seen it all (and to still have adventures to be had & dreams to be dreamt).
Canon: Lewis Carroll’s Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland and Through the Looking-Glass along with some of my own interpretation. She's only in two chapters, after all. (Set eleven years after the books.)


Skills: Storytelling, untying knots, dreaming, tree-climbing, sleeping; enjoys the occasional adventure.
Less-than-skills: The Dormouse is somewhat nearsighted. Also, she has difficult staying awake for long periods of time.
IQ: Quite inquisitive and fairly intelligent.
Extrovert/Introvert: Moderate introvert ^
Phobias/Fears: Cats, dogs, & other things larger than her with sharp teeth and claws. She is, after all, a mouse. (She doesn’t quite fear the Cheshire Cat and will usually tolerate him—and his disappearing claws—provided he stays a way off and/or doesn’t bother her.)
Goals/Dreams: She’s a laid-back sort of mouse & rather takes each day as it comes. Quirks/Habits: Falling asleep before a dropped hat can touch the ground. She does, however, have a Wakeful day (or few) every fortnight or so, in which she has more energy than her usual sleepy self. These are the days when she doesn’t need to be persuaded (or carried about in someone’s pocket) to go on an Adventure.
Mental Health: Dubious sanity, though this is quite typical for residents of Wonderland (they’re all at least a bit mad). Curiously enough, when Alice is away, the Dormouse often finds herself the voice of (almost) reason among the Tea Party Trio.
First Impression: {To be added}
Manner of Speech: Sleepy and fairly soft-spoken, though her voice gets more squeaky if she’s upset or angry. Rather alliterative at times, as well.
Likes: Sleeping, tea, treacle & puddings (& other tea-sweets), stories (both telling & listening), tea parties with the Hatter & Hare (& occasionally the White Rabbit or Alice), exploring, tree-climbing, getting to play amongst the Hatter’s ribbons &c, teapots & teacups, unbirthday parties, frolicking through fields of flowers.
Dislikes: Being abruptly awoken, having tea poured on her nose, people interrupting her stories, being chased by things larger than her (and/or scary), The Queen of Hearts, birthdays, separation from her friends, running out of tea-sweets (or tea), logic, and the rare nightmare.

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{{Disclaimer, or Adventures in RPG-land: I do not own the Dormouse or much in the Wonderland universe, this is just my interpretation of her. The Dormouse is portrayed by various stock dormice found through websearches; unless otherwise specified, icons were made by the mun (& bases credited to their websites). And in regards to Time, mun (lilyofshalott) lives on the US East Coast so such things shall be EST/GMT-5.}}

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